It saddens me to say that this forum is now shut down as of March 2017.

It has become too much of a financial burden to pay for myself. Since we started up in 2011, everything was paid for each year out of my pocket. I no longer have the money or time to maintain this site.

Years ago I started up my own business, 5716 Design. In 2016 I opened the doors on an actual brick and mortor location D.B.A.(doing business as) Swamper Design. This consumes all of my time and finances which has left nothing for this place.

VGIB was a fun project to start up, with a great idea to give everyone a voice to share their game ideas. Our VGIB community had grown steadily between the years 2011 and 2017.

As we shut down this March of 2017 we have gathered the following stats in our 6 year run.
Total Members: 1023
Total Posts: 6253
Total Topics: 1087
Average registrations per day: 0.82
Average posts per day: 38.39
Average topics per day: 35.39

I would like to thank everyone who has come and gone and had continued to visit all the way until our final days. Everyone of us, made this site what it was.

Again a big thank you to everyone and anyone that has passed though this little nook of the internet we called home for 6 years.