Hello everyone,
     Gary Miller Productions will be going through some new renovations during the 2013 year.

What will this mean?
     We will not be accepting anymore projects for the 2013 year. However, we will still be completing any current projects already booked for the 2013 year.
     Part of this reconstruction will include a name change, from Gary Miller Productions to GMP Studios. In addition we are also teaming up with a new company specializing in graphic design and video effects.
     New plans for the business will include better and more client friendly contracts. New software, hardware and equipment to stay current with cutting edge technology. A new laser and light package. Better marketing strategies as well as an expansion to our team members here at GMP studios.

     We are accepting projects for 2014. Any inquiries about booking can be made by contacting us at 330.618.2638 or garymiller@garymillerproductions.com